Ashes in the Milk

A Poetic Memoir

When people think of trauma, they think of the extremes: veterans of war, survivors of genocide, or malnourished refugees. Our minds instinctively consider those who have been exposed to the harshest realities our world has to offer. But in truth, trauma whether endured in childhood or experienced in adulthood, is rather common and impacts millions of people. Trauma is often caused by interpersonal conflict, inflicted by one person on another. Unrealized, these traumas are passed down from generation to generation even when most parents insist they will do better than their parents did. 

Drawing from my own personal experiences and professional expertise, Ashes in the Milk bridges the gap between self-help, vulnerable narrative, and prose. Ashes in the Milk will remind readers that their greatest path to healing and wholeness lies within – if only they are willing to walk down the path.

“A poem that reads like a novel, Ashes in the Milk captures the wild roller coaster ride of a life that led one woman to become a respected Los Angeles psychotherapist. It is a journey through the rebellious free love days of the Seventies and Eighties, incorporating memories from infancy and the vivid dreams of her later years to make sense of a life that was nearly cut short at multiple junctures.”

– JIM CIRIGLIANO, documentary producer/writer

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